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The following movies are available for viewing. By in large these are time lapse movies that show  high speed views of construction of the railroad. 

 In order to see these clips you will need to have a player that can deal with Divx. I have included a link to the Divx home page where you can download a Divx player or a Divx Codec suitable for use in Windows Media Player. Please note that you can chose the free version without adware by clicking on the left hand radio button under the description. When Divx installs you can select to install the codec or player or both. 

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Control 998 KB Hi quality Net Cam. Installing a control switch
Visit1 3.8M Visit from the Lieders and Keils, track repair, and run a train.
US 1.4M Building the upper staging yard
CPC 1.0M Roadbed and track near the control panel.
Paint 1.3M Backdrop painting
Openhouse 1.0M Feb 8th Open house
Bw1 3.0M 03/02/10 Bench work
psp1 3.5M 03/04/05 Paul Shoener painting the backdrop
nwcorner1 1.5M 03/06/04 Branch Line cross and yard