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Unfortunately this layout no longer exists.

All of the buildings, people, trees, vehicles, bridges, rolling stock and etc. were packed and moved to the Melbourne layout.

The following pictures of finished scenes are from my Chicago layout. The construction process, layout story, track diagram, etc.,  can be seen at  the HiRailers website

Warning these pictures are large. Click on the thumbnails to see the full view and use your browsers back button to return.

The Hi-Q railroad is a fantasy railroad loosely based on the Chicago Burlington and Quincy affectionately know as the "Q". The time frame is the late 50's to the mid 60's. The layout features Bruce Chubb's computer control system allowing prototypical CTC signaling. Operators can drive a train around the layout using the signals and stay out of each others way. 

In addition we operate local freights using waybills generated from the Minirail software program.  This is possible due a properly designed and functioning classification yard and industrial areas with stubs to set out and exchange cars. We use Lionel's TMMC in the freight yard along with Atlas SW-9 switchers. Trains are made up then set out on the departure track. Road power is hooked up to the train and the train departs onto the mainline. On the mainline, power routing is assigned by the computer and the trains are driven using MTH hand held remote controls.   

We feature at least monthly open houses and we successfully have our guests driving our trains or theirs around the layout in minutes.


This scene was used by 3rd Rail in their brochures. Their ad appeared on  the back cover of CTT trains 12/02 and OGR 01/03  The Shay trestle bridge  was used as the front cover for the video Great MTH Layouts Vol 2 which features 40 minutes of my Chicago layout.

2002-03-17__090.jpg (328103 bytes)

2001-08-04_6.JPG (59541 bytes)

The following scene appeared in the premier issue of O Scale trains

 This photo was the basis of the front cover of the May 2003 issue of Classic Toy Trains. Sunset Models 2 rail Burlington O5a at Big Horn.

2002-03-18_ 100.jpg (820270 bytes)

2002-05-02__03.jpg (506084 bytes)

Floyd Industrial Park with a custom crossover from Curtis HiRail  

2002-05-02__07.jpg (500288 bytes)

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Triangle Drugs  with detailed illuminated interior on both floors

Aurora Industrial Area

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2002-05-02__09.jpg (501778 bytes)

Part of the residential area above Auroa

The train shed

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DSC01491.JPG (496062 bytes)

Looking over the classification yard

Caboose, engine service and ladder tracks

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2002-05-26_ 88.jpg (508754 bytes)

Train shed

Residential area

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