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This page allows access to a live network camera located in the ceiling of the train room. You will have the capability to move the camera to view anything in the room and zoom in and out. The center button of the 5 button remote control will bring you back to the home position. There are 8 preset positions which will bring you to the 8 compass points in the room.  In addition you can click on an area of the displayed picture and the camera will relocate to position the item you clicked on to the center of the picture.

You need to choose either the motion camera or still camera. The motion camera allows you to see motion in the room or watch the camera change positions. (This feature is only effective with a broadband connection.) The first time you enter the motion camera, if you permit it, a small program (kyhcm10.ocx) will be installed on your computer. It is required for motion viewing.

It is possible that more than one person can be in the camera at the same time. If you see the camera moving around be polite and wait your turn. 


If you have difficulty you can try this link. This will bring you to the camera's top page then select the second option,   JPeg - Regularly Refresh. Chose single camera. Not all computers can deal with the above activex control but most will allow a single jpeg image which refreshes every 30 seconds.

Northwest Camera

Southeast Camera




Click on either picture to enter the multiple cameras

Southeast Camera


Northwest Camera


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