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Moving to Florida necessitated buying a free standing building for the new layout as basements are rare. 



Track plan updated June 2003


The layout plan is a full walk around "sincere" with "hidden" staging on each end. The upper level staging is 75" high permitting a walk under for most people. The plan is a double track main line and mileage is added with the peninsula and spiral back peninsula.

Including the staging area the dimensions are approximately 40x60

The plan details have not yet been added. Click on the plan to see it full size.


July 2002 Hugo Pallesen visited from Reims France and helped me get a start.   The owner of the building was kind enough to let us in before we officially closed.

DSC01310.JPG (507104 bytes)

DSC01311.JPG (515545 bytes)

We laid out the beginning of the wall, staging yard,  and entrance to the layout from staging I took occupancy of the building 8/20/2002

DSC01313.JPG (504491 bytes)

DSC01368.JPG (501400 bytes)

Materials are bought and delivered.  The studs for the wall, 60 sheets of 1/2" plywood, wallboard and 1x4's  The layout wall was precisely placed and started. The walk under upper staging yard connection is tested

DSC01379.JPG (494868 bytes)

DSC01377.JPG (484462 bytes)

Lets build a wall

DSC01392.JPG (499443 bytes) DSC01396.JPG (497369 bytes) DSC01407.JPG (512763 bytes)


DSC01437.JPG (496228 bytes)

DSC01438.JPG (509614 bytes)

DSC01506.JPG (490827 bytes)

DSC01507.JPG (491095 bytes)

Finally real work on the railroad


DSC01424.JPG (488573 bytes)

DSC01425.JPG (483919 bytes)

DSC01426.JPG (486742 bytes)

DSC01430.JPG (495341 bytes)

DSC01434.JPG (484669 bytes)

DSC01441.JPG (481569 bytes)

Some Details


Don Wood of Easeeinterface helping to build the back plane New C/MRI back plane
DSC01524.JPG (495949 bytes) DSC01733.JPG (326925 bytes)
DSC01731.JPG (319825 bytes) DSC01736.JPG (323653 bytes)